Make Human Wild Again ?.


By trying to go back to the roots of Wildinism, this section goes beyond the framework of outdoor sport and aims to shed modest light on a few themes likely to awaken our primitive instinct of "great apes", who (them) live in perfect harmony with our common Nature. for 65 million years.


"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one who knows best how to adapt to change" 

In addition to a physiological diet, you will find below some simple principles to be deepened (non-exhaustive list) aimed to live (more) free and in full health




Camp 1 - Limit dairy products, animal proteins, sugar, gluten, processed foods ...

Camp 2 - Make a maximum of meals 100% fresh and organic fruit, if possible in season

Camp 3 - Complete with meals based on raw vegetables, sprouted seeds, oilseeds (soaked)

Summit - Maximum respect for food associations + diluted seawater in addition


Camp 1 - One-off fasting: when you are sick, special or voluntary occasions ...

Camp 2 - Intermittent fasting 16 / 8H so that the body regenerates itself in depth on a daily basis

Camp 3 - Wet fasting (drink only): 7-10 days max unless you are used to it

Summit - Dry fasting (without water): 3 days Max unless you are used to


Camp 1 - Rest and integration (positive visualization, clarity of information, walking at a moderate pace ...)

Camp 2 - Brain-muscle connection sessions (animal walking, activation, imbalance and muscle tension ...)

Camp 3 - Strengthening session (work on weak points, posture, strength ...)

Summit - HIIT High Intensity Interval Training (nervous system ignition, production and use of lactate ...)



Camp 1 - Exposure to ambient cold (outside air) -> better tolerate cold temperatures on a daily basis

Camp 2 - Cold showers (more in the morning) -> Create a noradrenaline peak and promote clear thinking

Camp 3 - Cold bath (favor intensity & short duration) -> Train your nervous system to manage a stressful situation

Summit - Snow bath, (under) ice ... -> Ditto but maximum adaptive capacity after x months / years


Camp 1 - Going out in hot weather

Camp 2 - Sauna

Camp 3 -  Hammam

Summit - Effort in high heat (by dressing if necessary)


Camp 1 - Conscious breathing type 5s inspiration / 5s expiration (cardiac coherence)

Camp 2 - Square breathing - 6s inspiration / 6s apnea / 6s expiration / 6s apnea -> The duration can be 2, 3, 4, 5, 6s or more…

Camp 3 - Breathing Wim HOFF - 30 deep breaths, full lung apnea followed by a (shorter) full lung apnea = 1 set

Summit - Combine Wim HOFF breathing with positive meditation & cold bath - a must do

Camp 1 - Walking / running with minimalist shoes -> no drop, orthopedic insoles and minimal cushioning

Camp 2 - Walking / Running in minimalist sandals -> ditto but the foot in the air

Camp 3 - Walk barefoot -> watch out for glass, splinters, tar / hot concrete ...

Summit - Running / Climbing barefoot -> impact ++, requires a long adaptation