I'M Wildinist - "Outdoor hummingbirds" can share and contribute to their environment ?


Testimony of Emilie Lecomte / 1st Tor des Géants & Diagonale des Fous + record crossing of the GR20 in 41h22min which gives us a few words:

"THANKS from the bottom of my heart for this new wind which is so good !! More than an approach, a new impetus and a state of mind so realistic in my opinion. Since the time that I was looking for how to" do my part " , this is a great opportunity to give back to nature all that it offers us on a daily basis.

I hope that this project will inspire you as much as it seduced me and will become tomorrow who knows, referent of our practice of Trail, sport, mountain, and life in general ... "emy


Non-exhaustive list of ACTIONS:


-> Get as much inspiration as possible from the Emerald program and / or the OUI Wild recommendations

-> Give priority to tests encouraging autonomy and therefore eco-responsibility

-> Refuse any external assistance additional to that (often already well) provided by the event

-> Perform / imagine and why not enhance your OFF challenges or training in a mode close to the Maxi-Wild concept

-> Try to minimize waste as much as possible by using reusable containers for bars / gels / drinks…

-> Give priority to fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, as much as possible local and why not from your own production

-> Strengthen their immunity and general autonomy through, for example, hormesis and hygiene

-> Reduce your individual carbon footprint thanks to soft mobility with the bicycle, public transport or carpooling ...

-> Reduce purchases and focus on second-hand products and make them last as long as possible (repairs, etc.)

-> Share tips or experimental measures in the Idea Box


Concretely, this does not translate into mountaineers who refuse to take cable cars, paragliders who climb on foot to the decor or even extreme skiers who achieve their "feat" without having to use heliskiing to reach the summits ... but also people who simply keep their feet on the ground by, for example, cultivating their little patch of greenery or their modest balcony.


It goes without saying that the numerous attempts to record pedestrian, velocipede or even spatulas records should be carried out in total autonomy for obvious reasons of equity and environmental exemplarity.