Sport could be an environmental education tool ...

In the form of simple proposals, WildinisM proposes 7 Steps to Nature to engage us to a wilder, autonomous and sustainable sport.

An open idea box is also available for everyone to share their experience and enjoy the tips and tricks of all.


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Promote the natural environment in which your event takes place.
Description of your program STN (site & field) - Invitation of associations and local actors, respect for fauna, flora and inhabitants in correlation with the season and the environment ...



Put in place actions to reduce CO2 emissions related to its "nature" event.

Examples -> Support for public transport or "rewards" (dematerialized gift or bib discount, bonus time ...) to encourage participants to use them.

Reserved car-pool or electric parking, bike park ... Individual or collective carbon compensation on


Abandon disposable plastic utensils and prioritize reusable, compostable or recyclables of your "nature" event.

Plv, jerricans, plates, bowls, cutlery, sorting bins, water ramps, dry toilets ... all these products exist in recyclable / reusable versions and are therefore to be privileged and even why not pool and rotate from one event to the next other.

Another simpler option and even more durable: no support and total material autonomy of the participants.


Minimize the waste associated with your "nature" event.

Example: setting up teams to clean the courses before and after the race, challenge "Plogging", selective sorting ... and especially awareness of the participants.
Favoring the bartering and resale of used equipment as well as the recycling of used clothing would be a very good thing.
Abandon packaging, selective sorting at refueling ...

Go back to the fundamentals of outdoor sports to know how to think about your itinerary and how to orient yourself.

Tracking on map, road book and / or thanks to new GPS technologies ...
If this is not the case (short tests, large number of runners ...) reusable markings pre-cut cloth for example should be privileged versus plastics.


More autonomy by prohibiting or reducing refueling and / or outside assistance would be positive for both the environment and the adventure aspect of the participants.

Same as for the participants, collective transport to encourage for the spectators, journalists and possible assistants ...

Privilege drones rather than helicopters for taking pictures, mountain bikers or runners rather than motorcycles or quads to open the courses ...

Boost the local economy and reduce the carbon impact in a global way.
Because "we are what we eat", healthy food that respects the environment is part of a global approach for nature sports practitioners.


How does it work ?
Free service and open to all organizations, whatever their initial commitment, subject to a real desire for improvement.
Each event fills an online annual tracking sheet live which summarizes its actions set up "step by step", its projects and specific constraints ... And in return if necessary we will send him suggestions for improvements.
Note that the signatory events will benefit soon some partners offers & can affix the STN logo on their communication media.
A WildinisM Awards will reward the most frequent and / or innovations related to one or more Steps To Nature ...