Manifesto for a more autonomous outdoor sport & without personal assistance

 -> We call the outdoor practitioners, individually or collectively (team, club ...), to refuse any outside assistance to that already provided by the events or during Off challenges.
-> We invite the organizers Nature to no longer allow personal assistance and increase autonomy for their participants.
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Certainly the notion of sharing is one of the motives of the sportsman, but in addition to the accountability and sometimes truncated equity caused by the assistance (everyone does not have the possibility or the financial means), it is undeniably harmful to the environment.
Climate disruption, air pollution and the extinction of biodiversity are now undeniable and require in our view some "sacrifices" or at least readjustments.
Our devouring passions encourage us to move around the world, cutting the cord with our "companions" would already limit the impact ...

"Formula 1" assistance, multiplication of refueling, "motorway" marking ...
Is all that is put in place to go faster or make more comfortable our "exploits" is not a contradiction to the initial search for escape that we come to get in nature?
Crossing an island, turn around a massif or a country on foot or by bike are 100% zero carbon activities in itself, but the multitude of motorized vehicles that often revolve around denatures, in our opinion, potential eco-friendly showcases* .
* Example: the Tour de France with its countless following cars, helicopters, airplanes, advertising caravans ... while the bike is THE means of ecological transport par excellence).

As an aside, subject to access by public transport, spectators would be just as comfortable in the wilderness to encourage rather than wait in tents or gyms.
As for the many OFF attempts of records pedestrian, velocipèdes or on spatulas which bloom, would it not gain to be made in total autonomy for the equity, the environment and the exemplarity *?
* See films and articles often made ... Is it representative (especially for youth) of the reality of mountain sport to challenge more than 100km with almost nothing on the back?
Bags a little heavier certainly, adapt, rationing, more disconnection & reflection ... but the need for adventure that drives us would be in no way amputated and can be through our performances (re) show us to the world "from below" a path for tomorrow.