Adopt the WildinisM ... for a sport without artifice 

The WildinisM project has the ambition to raise the awareness of the various players in outdoor sports to a more responsible, autonomous and sustainable practice ...

« « Our goal is not to stigmatize or judge but to encourage, debate and support the sports community to move forward and collaborate about the future of outdoor sports as a tool for environmental education. » ».

They participate in the adventure :


Mountain Wilderness Association, a pioneer of defense of the mountain environment around the world for 30 years :

« This partnership is not focused on the promotion of performance but on the fact that outdoor sport is a way of discovering the mountain arena, and to focus on reducing the carbon footprint and developing the autonomy of the practitioners. »

The International Trail Running Association (ITRA), present in more than 150 countries, of which the main goal is to take care of the well development of trail-running worldwide.:

«Our role is to ensure the preservation of our environment, of this nature that gives us so many unique experiences around the world. It is important to educate and initiate a general awareness of the fragility of natural environments. This is why ITRA supports the actions of the Robin des Montagnes association and joins its WildinisM project...  Let's act together to protect and preserve our natural environment."


Robin des Montagnes Association, at the origin of the project WildinisM, is created by a handful of mountain lovers  : “We can’t continue to consider nature as if it were someone else's garden; among the last spaces of freedom for many wildlife species and outdoor enthusiasts, the mountains are above all a fragile environment and we are at the forefront to preserve them" .